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5 Things to Know About Disney's Big Adventurous 'Tomorrowland' Movie

5 Things to Know About Disney's Big Adventurous 'Tomorrowland' Movie
(Disney)The first teaser for Tomorrowland is the buzziest thing to come out of New York Comic-Con so far. The clip dropped Thursday, quickly making the upcoming live-action Disney movie one of the most anticipated films of 2015. The teaser is two minutes long but hardly reveals anything about the movie. But based on reports from NYCC, here's what we know so far.

First, the teaser:

1. The Magic Pin
5 Things to Know About Disney's Big Adventurous 'Tomorrowland' Movie

Britt Robertson plays Casey Newton. In the teaser, she's being released from jail, and an officer is giving her back her things. Among her belongings is a pin she says doesn't belong to her. When she grabs it, the pin transports her to a strange new world.

2. George Clooney Fights Robots and Has a Flying Bathtub
5 Things to Know About Disney's Big Adventurous 'Tomorrowland' Movie
(Getty Images)George Clooney makes a very brief appearance in the new teaser, and he also made a surprise appearance at New York Comic-Con where he introduced some extra exclusive footage. Based on reports from io9 and MTV, Clooney finds himself fighting robots in some of that footage.

At the beginning the clip shown after the teaser, Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) is fresh out of jail and walking along a country road. She hops a fence onto the property of former child prodigy Frank Walker (Clooney) and shows him the pin, asking how she can get back to Tomorrowland. Walker shuts her down, but she camps out on his front porch and eventually tricks him into coming out of the house, at which point she sneaks in. When she does, she finds a bank of monitors and a mysterious countdown clock. She asks Walker what it's for, but the pair are interrupted by intruders on the grounds.

The intruders get in the house and Clooney decapitates one of them, exposing sparking wires protruding from his neck. He gets cornered by another before Casey smashes his head in with a baseball bat. After that, she and Walker flee to the bathroom, where they escape in a flying bathtub.

3. Tomorrowland Is a Big, Maybe Cataclysmic, Secret

Clooney's character has been to Tomorrowland, and he's bitter about it. When Casey tells him she's been to Tomorrowland and she feels like she belongs there, Walker says she was manipulated to feel that way. Clearly, something potentially sinister lies at the heart of Tomorrowland, as screenwriter Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus) confirms.

“Something has happened in this place," Lindelof said at NYCC. "Just the idea that it’s being kept secret is a big deal. Determining why it’s been kept a secret, and why is Frank Walker living here instead of there, is all in the spine of our adventure.”

4. It Comes from Brad Bird
5 Things to Know About Disney's Big Adventurous 'Tomorrowland' Movie

will be the kind of movie that lives and dies by its imagination, and Brad Bird's got loads of it. Bird's first feature-length directorial job was The Iron Giant, which he followed up at Pixar with The Incredibles and Ratatouille. He's since worked in live action with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but Tomorrowland feels like the kind of film you'd want to see from someone who made a movie about a giant talking space robot voiced by Vin Diesel.

5. It's Got a Great Supporting Cast
5 Things to Know About Disney's Big Adventurous 'Tomorrowland' Movie
Tim McGraw, Judy Greer, Hugh Laurie, Kathryn Hahn, and Keegan-Michael Key. (Getty Images)Besides George Clooney in a sort-of mentor role, the rest of Tomorrowland's cast is equally impressive. Hugh Laurie plays Clooney's scientific rival. Casey Newton's parents are played by Judy Greer and Tim McGraw. And Kathryn Hahn and Keegan-Michael Key play an eccentric pair of junk dealers.

“The two of them are proprietors of a curio nostalgia store called Blast From the Past, and they hold key information about this pin and its origins,” Lindelof says. “The entire movie was just a Trojan horse to get a store called Blast From the Past built, so I can go buy things there.”
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