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Best New Music Recommendations Based on Artists You Already Love: Shura, Yolanda Be Cool, and More

(Atlantic | Interscope | Universal)With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to get sexy with it. All of this week's new music recommendations are packing heat, some more overtly than others. Boner jams — helpfully compared to the artists you already know and love, as always — for everyone!

1. Janet Jackson + Blood Orange + Donna Lewis = Shura
One of the first Soundcloud comments on this debut track by Shura is "THIS SONG MAKES ME WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO MYSELF." Definitely appropriate for Valentine's Day, regardless of whether you have a valentine.

2. Serge Gainsbourg + Kanye West + Metric? + ? = Phantogram
Phantogram's Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel have perfected the art of the sex track. "Black Out Days," the previous single from their brilliant upcoming album Voices (out 2/18), was used to soundtrack a bedroom scene on an episode of Shameless last week, and Carter once revealed that people regularly inform him that they like to do it to his jams. So, Happy Valentine's Day.

3. Ace of Base + NIN = Yolanda Be Cool

Australia's Yolanda Be Cool joined forces with Azari & III's Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full (who must be seen live to be fully appreciated) for this dark, sexual cover of a classic '90s tune. It's way funkier than the original, which was actually written about a woman who makes babies to get welfare payments (how unfunky).

4. Iron & Wine + Jamie Cullum = Bruno Major
For those who prefer their lovemusic earnest and acoustic, there's this new Burberry Acoustic session by singer-songwriter Bruno Major, who is at work on his full length album in London. Sensitivity is way sexy.

5. Tori Amos + Soundgarden = Meg Myers
The music video for Meg Myers' "Desire" is creepy sexy, with mysterious stains, disturbing cartoons, and a sofa bed that looks like it's seen way too much action. Oh, and there's ghost sex. Something for everyone.
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