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A Familiar Set of Claws Appears in the New 'X-Men' Trailer

We just can't quit you Wolverine!

A Familiar Set of Claws *Snikts* Its Way Into New 'X-Men' Trailer

Until the day the X-Men movie franchise is but a distant memory in the minds of future geeks, Hugh Jackman will likely have a standing invitation to appear in any and all X-films. So today's big surprise, that Wolverine's claws appear in the new trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse, doesn't feel so much like a surprise as a, "Oh THERE it is!" moment.

With Jackman's involvement in the film left a mystery until Monday's trailer drop, fans were left wondering whether the most famous X-Man would make an appearance. After playing Wolverine in seven movies, Jackman has made himself the franchise staple, and we imagine Fox executives would really like to squeeze every last ounce of Wolvie out of him before he retires the character after his upcoming third stand-alone movie.

So what character will the franchise lean on next? Jennifer Lawrence has proven ambivalent toward the films, especially since she's not really crazy about that blue body paint. So she's pretty iffy. Maybe Beast? Quicksilver? Sophie Turner's newer younger take on Jean Grey? While producers busy themselves with that question, fans will prepare to say goodbye to Jackman, and hello to a newer fresher era of a post-Wolverine X-Men film world.