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Here's the New 'Extreme Sports' Remake of 'Point Break'

Surfing! Motorcycles! Flight suits! The only law is gravity.

Here's the New 'Extreme Sports' Remake of 'Point Break'
Warner Bros.

Whether you think it's a joke that's overstayed its welcome or a '90s crime classic or both, Point Break is getting that big budget remake with an all new cast and an "Extreme Sports" angle. The first trailer for the 2015 version of the movie is here and it's packed with all the crazy stunts you'd expect from a remake of the bank robbing, surfer-bro original. Stunts in the trailer include skydiving with a palette full of cash, surfing giant waves, dirt bike racing an avalanche, and a sequence with those flight suits that promises to be one of the movie's biggest set pieces. And lending credibility to that stunt work is the involvement of figures like World's Greatest Surfer Laird Hamilton, who's one of the guys riding those giant waves you see in the trailer.