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Disney Animates the Sky with New 'Planes' Trailer

(Photo from Disney Pixar)Disney struck animated gold with Cars so the next most logical step is to take the same formula, tweak the story a little and then make it take flight — literally. In hopes to duplicate the success of the world of Lightning McQueen and his four-wheeled friends, Disney has churned out Planes

The movie is set in the same world of talking vehicles and stars the voice of Dane Cook as Dusty, a crop dusting plane who is afraid of heights that wants to be a racer. It also stars the talented voices of Julia Louis-DreyfusTeri HatcherBrad GarrettJohn Cleese, and, funny enough, Top Gun alums Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards. The trailer has all the expected eye-popping Pixar pizazz and heart, but it ultimately looks like Cars in the sky. Watch the trailer below:
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