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Velociraptors as Disney Princesses Is Exactly What You Need Today

Clever girls.

We have officially reached peak Jurassic World meme-ification.

First we had cats as raptors, and now we have raptors as Disney princesses thanks to China-based illustrator Laura Cooper. Cooper has created a series of hilarious illustrations of what Cinderella, Snow White, and the rest of the princess posse would look like if they were, well, dinosaurs.

Cooper explained the thought process of creating these inspired works on her site, XP webcomic, saying, “In honor of the movie Jurassic World, I decided to illustrate some raptors the way I feel they should be portrayed; as princesses.”

We can't argue with that. Check out the velociprincesses below!

Can't get enough Disney princesses? Yeah, we feel that.