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Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Her Incredible Lip Syncing Talent

(Columbia Pictures)

A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.

This deleted scene from American Hustle is the best. 
Jennifer Lawrence earned an Oscar nod for her role as a bored Long Island housewife in American Hustle. But the best part about JLaw's performance might actually be this deleted scene (watch here). In it, the yellow-gloved actress smoothly lip-syncs to Santana's "Evil Ways." 

Wes Anderson has a great love of symmetry. 
In honor of Anderson's latest release, The Grand Budapest Hotel, someone involved with the making of a Criterion featurette has put together an incredible supercut exploring how the director is all about the center:

Watch this Stanford physicist break down after discovering that his theory is correct. 
Big news in the science world: The BICEP2 telescope in the South Pole has picked up gravitational waves that proves the theory of inflation. Assistant professor Chao-Kin Kuo went to the home of the "founding father of inflation" Andrei Linde to break the news. 

For the Sarah Palin enthusiast... 
The American politician is returning to the small screen in her new reality TV show, Amazing America. Yes, "the first lady of the great outdoors" is all fired of up for the guns, the sled dogs, and the camo golf cart races. Sounds like a hoot! 

In English bulldog puppy news... 

World, meet Sophie. She's an adorable English bulldog puppy who loves to roll down grassy hills. 

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