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An Affordable Herb Centerpiece

(Source: Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny)
Does your #MeMoment involve a casual night in with friends? If so, we've got an easy way to dress up your table without breaking the bank—or your back. Whether you're prepping for a low-key wine tasting or ordering takeout and a movie with the girls, skip costly flowers and opt instead for a few pots of herbs (rosemary, mint, lavender) strewn about. Purchased from your local garden supply store and tucked into terra cotta planters, the greenery not only looks appropriately rustic but also comes in handy long after your party guests have dispersed, scenting the room and providing flavor for all of your future meals.

(Source: Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny)
To give the look just a bit more polish, add amber-colored goblets in place of your usual water tumbler or wine glass (like these from Pottery Barn) and geodes or crystal clusters (if you happen to have them) for good measure. Then, sit back and enjoy your #MeMoment—and all of the compliments that will be showered on you and your centerpiece throughout the night.

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