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What's REALLY Going On in the New 'Batman v Superman' Teaser?

Superman is super mad at Batman, but is this vision of the future for real?

What's REALLY Going On in the new 'Batman v Superman' Teaser?
Warner Bros.

We've known for a while now that Batman and Superman were building up to a big fight. It says so right there in the title for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But the latest trailer makes it look like these two are sworn enemies and Superman is on the verge of just executing Batman on the spot. Here's the teaser that finds him ripping Batman's mask off and scowling at him like a dog that just pooped in his shoes.

So What's Really Going On?

Something weird's going on with this teaser though, and we're not totally sure what it is. Batman being held prisoner in a desert environment doesn't really jibe with the rainy urban exteriors we've seen in the rest of the trailer. Also, when the soldiers literally kneel down to Superman and he just walks past them, it seems pretty out of character for the Man of Steel to just be cool with that.

So what's going on? Most likely this is a vision or dream sequence. It ties into some confusing moments from the earlier-released full trailer for the movie. And at least one writer, Devin Faraci of Birth.Movies.Death. claims to have seen an early script that included just such a sequence.

The new clip lines up with the following shots from the original trailer.


Batman's wearing the same brown coat and covered in the same dust in both the new teaser and those pictures. And take a closer look at the patches on those soldiers' uniforms and you'll see Superman's emblem.

What's REALLY Going On in the new 'Batman v Superman' Teaser?

So why would Superman lead an army of masked soldiers to fight a fight he could very likely handle himself? And why would he make them look so much like WWII-era Nazi soldiers? He wouldn't.

The plot thickens as we look to New York Comic-Con, where one of the Batman v Superman toys on display was a "Knightmare Batman" wearing a similar outfit.

We'll get a look at the full trailer Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. And that might clear up some of the confusion. But until then, we're going to assume this is some sort of vision or dream sequence, and Superman hasn't totally gone mad with power.

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