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ZimbiOlympics: Which of Your Favorite Stars Won the Gold?

(Photos by Getty Images | Bauer Griffin | Illustration by Zimbio)

After two and a half weeks of photo finishes, stunning defeats, jaw-dropping displays of skill, and tear-jerking stories of triumph, the 2012 Olympics wrapped up with a star-studded closing ceremony in London. And now it's also time to wrap up our first ever ZimbiOlympics!

We put the competition in your hands, and you came out in droves to vote for your favorite celebs to win the gold. Here are some of the highlights:

  • You loved voting for hot Hollywood couples and even hotter bikini bods — Doubles Tennis and Beach Volleyball were the two most popular ZimbiOlympics sports.
  • Jennifer Lawrence was the most decorated Olympian of the ZimbiOlympics, nabbing two gold medals (for High Jump and Archery) and one bronze (for Synchronized Swimming, aka Best Ensemble Cast).
  • Newly engaged actress Jennifer Aniston made a surprise surge from behind to beat Rihanna for the gold in "Soccer: Best at Kickin' It on Vacation."
  • Selena Gomez nabbed two medals (a gold and a silver), but boyfriend Justin Bieber only scored one. They tied with Beyoncé and Jay-Z for the most decorated celebrity twosome.

Keep scrolling to check out all of the ZimbiOlympics medalists. Thanks for voting!

Opening Ceremonies: Who rocks the red carpet best? (2004 votes)
Lea Michele
Angelina Jolie
Blake Lively

Soccer: Who is the best at kickin' it on vacation? (1579 votes)
Jennifer Aniston
Paris Hilton

Synchronized Swimming: Which ensemble cast is best? (1364 votes)
The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises
The Hunger Games

Equestrian: Which celeb has the cutest pet? (1472 votes)
Taylor Swift
Ashley Tisdale
Miley Cyrus

Gymnastics: Who's the most "flexible" star? (1115 votes)
Selena Gomez
Jennifer Lopez

Long Jump: Who made the biggest leap away from the public's expectations? (976 votes)
Emma Watson
Kristen Stewart
Jonah Hill

Tennis: Who are Hollywood's hottest doubles partners? (2367 votes)
Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Weightlifting: Who has the fittest body? (1434 votes)
Ryan Gosling
Miley Cyrus
Chris Hemsworth

Sailing: Which pop culture institution most guilty of coasting? (515 votes)
American Idol
Adam Sandler

Field Hockey: Which celeb is most guilty of playing the field? (803 votes)
Leonardo Dicaprio
John Mayer
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Beach Volleyball: Who looks best in a bikini? (2487 votes)
Miranda Kerr
Kate Upton
Jessica Alba

Marathon: Who's the most awesome after all these years? (921 votes)
Betty White
Morgan Freeman
The Spice Girls

Archery: Whose pop culture bullseye was best? (704 votes)
Jennifer Lawrence
Carly Rae Jepsen

High Jump: Who's the best breakout star? (1817 votes)
Jennifer Lawrence
One Direction
Channing Tatum

Hurdles: Which stars overcame their obstacles best? (949 votes)
Demi Lovato
Katie Holmes
Katy Perry

Trampoline: Which is the best silly guilty pleasure? (361 votes)
Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Snooki & J-Woww
The Bachelor

Basketball: Who had the most impressive rebound? (776 votes)
Demi Lovato
Britney Spears
Katy Perry

Diving: Which nose dive was the most surprising? (1093 votes)
Taylor Kitsch
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