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When Does Khloe Kardashian Feel Her Sexiest?

Khloe Kardashian (Getty)

For the third year in a row, Khloe Kardashian is teaming up with U by Kotex to help empower young women to talk openly about their bodies and their own personal wellness. We recently chatted with Khloe about being a role model for women everywhere, when she feels her sexiest, and why she loves Kotex's new Generation Know initiative, which invites girls to dispel myths, share facts about their bodies, and raise awareness about women's health in a fun, supportive online environment.

What made you want to get involved with U by Kotex?
This is my third year that I have partnered with U by Kotex, and the first year that I was asked it was around the time that my little sisters were, you know, transitioning. Going through puberty. So I am very close to my little sisters and I've always made it very clear that they could talk to me about anything and everything. Almost to the point where they were embarrassed about some of the things that I would want them to know about their bodies. So it was so coincidental that U by Kotex contacted me about three years ago about it. And it struck such a chord with me and I realized through talking to my little sisters that so much misinformation is out there. And especially in the schooling system, they do not talk about half of the things that I believe they should when it comes to our bodies.

What's cool about Generation Know?
GenerationKnow.com is an amazing website that gets the conversation started for young girls to ask any questions they want about health or body or woman empowerment. We're exposing myths on the website… Because so many people might feel nervous or embarrassed to talk about certain things because they feel like maybe they should know. And this website lets you ask in privacy… Nowadays everyone lives on a computer so U by Kotex is getting with the times, basically.

Yeah, this younger generation pretty much grew up online.
Oh they know so much more. Like my nephew knows how to use an iPad more than I do. [laughs]

You've been so open about your body over the years, especially about your fertility struggles, which you've documented on your various shows. Is this openness something that comes natural to you?

For me, my personality is just very open and honest and that's just who I am. And with filming, you know, you're your most comfortable with your family. We film for six months and we don't have one day off and we've had the same camera crew since season one, so I'm very comfortable. And it kind of happened naturally where I would say things or just be honest with who I am and people would respond, either on social media or just reaching out to me and saying how much I have helped them with me talking about my body.

It's nothing I would seek out, like 'this year I'm going to talk about this so I could look good'. It's just, if I'm going through something like the fertility [issues], I feel like I can't be the only person in the world. And even if it's hard for me, I do feel like I'm helping somebody by bringing awareness... And I love that I can be a role model for other people in these forums.

What's something you wish you could tell your teenage self about your body?
I've been this height since I was 13 or 14, and my sisters are 5'0 and 5'1, I think. So I used to hate that I was tall when I was a kid. Like, 'Why am I a freak? Why am I so tall?' And my mom and everyone older would tell me, "People would kill for your legs." So I would have enjoyed it more when I was younger, but now I love it. I live to show off my legs now.

When do you feel your sexiest and most empowered as a woman?
I do have a pretty confident personality. I will say, I feel pretty empowered all the time. Like you definitely have your down days, but it's not like an outfit or a sweatsuit. I feel sexy in either one of them. I'm just comfortable in myself. If I'm taking care of myself — I mean, I really do feel sexy when I'm working out on a regular basis. Not because I need to lose weight, but just because it makes me feel really good about myself, like I've accomplished something.

To learn more about Generation Know and find out how you can get involved and help raise money for the nonprofit Girls for a Change, head on over to the U by Kotex website.

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