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Troian Bellisario Previews Tonight's Shocking 'Pretty Little Liars' Finale: 'I Was Blindsided'

(ABC Family)

Got 'A' on the brain, Spence? (ABC Family)
Tonight's third season finale of Pretty Little Liars is titled “A dAngerous gAme," so you can bet that 'A' and her minions will be out in full force to wreak havoc on the Liars. And last week's shocking final scene revealed that the 'A' team has a brand new member who'll be getting in on the action: Spencer!

Zimbio recently caught up with Troian Bellisario, who shared some juicy details about tonight's finale, including one twist that she says completely "blindsided" her. Has Spencer really gone over to the dark side? Is Toby truly dead? And who's in the red coat? Read on to get the scoop.

Can you preview a standout moment or favorite scene from tonight's finale?
I think what's cool about the finale for me to play as Spencer is that I've been trying to find out what happened to Toby and I've had a lot of, I think, pretty terrible realizations over the course of the season. Whether it was first finding out that he was a part of the 'A' team and then finding him dead, and then Mona coming to see me at my worst... So I think that one of my favorite things in the finale was getting answers to that. Spencer finally gets some resolve in the Toby situation. And then there's also the really fun scenes that I had with the girls because I have to play "good Spencer" when actually we know she's not.

It feels like, for the first time, that it's really like one Liar against the other three. Is that how you see it or do you think Spencer is still very much working on the group's behalf?
Spencer has been through so much this year that if you had chosen her a year ago to move over to the dark side I would have said, 'No, she's totally a double agent.' But I think Spencer's sort of lost her way in terms of what she's willing to do to get answers and what what she thinks is going to end up helping the girls. I don't know if that means she's necessarily a double agent and still on their side, but I think she's putting an end to it. I think she hopes that she doesn't have to hurt anybody in the process, but she's willing to do anything to put an end to this.

There's a great line in the finale where Spencer says that she's tired of being a victim. Do you think, as strange as it is, that joining the 'A' team is a way for her to take back some power?
Oh definitely. I think that's the reason that Spencer does it. Everyone talks about Spencer going crazy this season, but I think Spencer's actually have an appropriate reaction to what has been happening. When people say, 'Are you surprised she ended up in Radley?' I'm like, where else was she supposed to end up? Have you seen what the girls have been through? [laughs] She's the only one who's actually reacting appropriately to what A is doing. For me, Spencer going to Radley, hitting bottom, and realizing what a mess her life has become makes her see that she desperately needs these answers. So when Mona comes along with that opportunity again…now she's lost so much and gone through so much that I think she figures there's only one way out. So I think she's willing to do that to find out what's on the other side.

It's interesting that Toby's betrayal is what sent Spencer over the edge, and in a lot of ways she's betraying the other Liars in a very similar way. Do you think the friendships can come back from this?
Spencer tried to give up hope on Toby when she found out about him being on the A Team, but when you love somebody so deeply and they totally betray you and leave you with no answers, there's really something missing. Without Toby fully admitting, 'I'm A, this is what I've been doing this whole time, you mean nothing to me,' she's not going to give up hope on him being good — on him doing this for her. And I think the bond with the girls and the love with the girls is so strong that if Spencer does turn out to be doing this for the right reasons, that it is something that could be understood. I don't know if they'll feel great about it at first, but if it gets the job done and keeps them safe that's all that matters.

We know that Spencer was the one who kidnapped Malcolm, which was really shocking for a lot of fans. Did it also shock you?
I was surprised by how immediately bold Spencer was on the A Team, to do that to Aria, who's one of her closest friends. You know, Team Sparia! [laughs] It's truly awful. But I think that at this point, if she's going to join the A Team… if she's bad then she's gone, and if she's good then she has to go full out to prove to Mona that she's worth it. That she's not just messing around or that she's going to blow this thing up from the inside. I think that Spencer's kind of proved that she's a really intense person and I think that when she sets her mind to something she sees it through all the way. Mona is a smart person exactly like Spencer, and she knew that she would have to give her a task as A and it would kick Spencer right in the gut. And if Spencer could do it, it would be proof that she could trust her.

We know that Spencer will find out who Red Coat is during tonight's finale. What was your reaction to finally finding out the big secret?
I've really only been surprised by something in the script once or twice in like all three seasons. Just because I like to hang out with the writers and ask them where the stories are going and kind of tease our answers. So by the time I get the script I generally have a good idea. I knew Toby was going to change, I knew Spencer was going to change, all of that stuff. But when Red Coat turned around in the script, I — all  four of us — were like, 'WHAT?' It was truly the first shocker moment in the three seasons, for me. I was so blindsided.

You talked about Spencer not losing hope in Toby, and it seems like a lot of fans haven't lost hope is Spencer and Toby's romance, even with everything that has happened.
Maybe the best reaction so far has been [fans saying], 'If it means that Spoby will be back together I'm fine with Spencer going bad.' [laughs] So that's been my favorite reaction from people. They're like, 'I don't care, I just want to see a make out scene.'

Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 finale airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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