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Alexandra Chando Previews 'The Lying Game' Finale: 'I Certainly Was Shocked'

(ABC Family)

After a season full of juicy revelations, romantic drama, and one shocking death (R.I.P. Theresa), The Lying Game concludes its addictive second season tonight with a twisty finale that is sure to leave fans reeling.

Zimbio recently chatted with Lying Game star Alexandra Chando, who plays twins Emma and Sutton, about what fans can expect from tonight's jam-packed finale, which will answer some burning questions while planting the seeds for future mysteries.

"Our cliffhanger is even better than our last finale," Chando shared. "All the story lines kind of have their own cliffhangers, so there's definitely the major one and then also there's a lot of twists that happen and a lot of revelations that come about. I certainly was shocked about when I read the script."

One thing that's not so shocking about the finale? Emma is finally ready to admit her true feelings to Ethan — but that doesn't mean their reunion isn't seriously complicated.

"For the whole season it's been back and forth for [Emma] and she's finally made the decision, but it's not just as simple as him saying 'Okay,'" Chando dished. "Because now there's problems with Dan. He kind of, in a way, betrayed Dan a little bit and he's dealing with that. It's not a simple as an easy yes or no."

Emma will also get the chance to confront her birth mother Rebecca, who may or may not be responsible for both Derek's and Theresa's murders. And while those crimes are certainly on Emma's mind, she also has deeply emotional family issues to deal with. "I think it really weighs on her — the fact that Rebecca let Sutton in and not Emma. And that's one of the biggest questions that she has: 'Why her and why not me? Why am I the one that's left out of the whole thing?'"

Chando added, "It's heartbreaking. It's really sad because Emma is the emotional one. Even though the two girls have been looking for their birth mother, Emma is so deeply invested and I think kind of feels a little bit burned that Sutton betrayed her and now Rebecca. What she thought she knew ended up not being true."

For the first time in a long time, The Lying Game season finale will also have Emma and Sutton working together as sisters. But don't worry, Sutton hasn't lost her edge. "Sutton is still Sutton," Chando laughed. "She still has her own thoughts about things and she's certainly a strong personality. So it's not just all play nice."

The Lying Game finale airs Tuesday, March 12 at 9/8c on ABC Family. Will all the lies finally be revealed? Will Emma and Ethan get back together? And will Theresa's (and Derek's) killer be brought to justice? Hit the comments below with your thoughts!

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