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Kristen Bell Visits L.A. Hospital to Support National Nurses Week, Talks Importance of Helping Others

We caught up with the 'Frozen' actress to chat about motherhood, privilege, and the importance of strong female characters.

Kristen Bell Visits L.A. Hospital to Support National Nurses Week, Addresses Importance of Helping Others
Kristen Bell/Johnson & Johnson

Kristen Bell is doing all she can for some great causes.

This spring is the season of giving for the Frozen actress, who recently partnered with Johnson & Johnson to support two charitable campaigns very close to her heart.

Kristen Bell Visits L.A. Hospital to Support National Nurses Week, Addresses Importance of Helping Others
Kristen Bell/Johnson & Johnson

On Monday, Bell surprised the nursing department of Los Angeles' Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in support of National Nurses Week 2016, which runs May 6-12. Her inspiration for the trip, as well as her admiration for the field, comes from her mother, Lorelei, who is a registered nurse:

"My mom was a born caregiver," Bell told Zimbio on Monday. "She finds self esteem in it. She can find humor in situations, and she smiles a lot, and I think that's important to see from nurses — that they're warm and welcoming. My mom cares a lot." Though she admits nursing wouldn't have been her own career choice, had she not begun acting at such a young age:

"I talk too much," she said matter-of-factly, "and as a nurse you have to listen."

Spanning the month of May, supporters can download the Johnson & Johnson "Donate a Photo" appFor each photo uploaded, the company will donate $1 towards nursing student scholarships. To date, the campaign has 7,100 uploads.

"Giving help is easier than you think," Bell said, "and this campaign is here to show that. You're really getting to spend their money."

Earlier in May, the mother of two kicked off the Fourth Annual "Global Moms Relay," a star-studded digital campaign for children that asks "What do you wish were true for every child, everywhere?"

Each post, tweet, or share triggers a $1 donation by J&J to one of five great initiatives; Girl Up, a UN foundation for the empowerment of girls, is one of them. It's an appropriate cause given Bell's role as Anna in Frozen, a film widely heralded as Disney's first to star girls who can save themselves:

"I created Anna because she was who I wanted to see and look up to when I was little," Bell shared. "Anna is every part of me that is outspoken and goofy and optimistic. I was very grateful for the Frozen storyline. I attempted to add pizazz for little girls who feel weird or are goofier or dance to their own beat. It makes me smile to know I created someone who might make little girls feel good about being different."

The event runs until June 17.

As Bell reminds us, everyone's situation is a matter of chance:

"I have this feeling in my heart that I could have been born anywhere in the world, and not had access to things I had access to," she said.

So for mothers struggling to offer that access to their own children, she has a strong message:

"You're not alone. There are other mothers who care about your situation working hard to make health care and safety accessible for everyone. Everyone deserves these things."

Kristen Bell Pays Surprise Visit to Los Angeles Hospital for National Nurses Week 2016

Bell's new film Bad Moms (Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith) follows the lives of three frazzled women who finally decide to let loose. Her advice to overworked moms? Don't lose yourself.

"Remember you're an individual," she said. "You are not a bad person or a bad mom because you choose to remember your autonomy every now and again. Remember you can be everything to everyone and still sometimes spoil yourself. Put on your gas mask before everyone else's."

Bad Moms his theaters July 26, 2016.

To learn more about either of the campaigns above, visit Johnson & Johnson's website here. "Donate a Photo" is available both on the App Store and Google Play.

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