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Exclusive Interview: Disney Star Hayley Kiyoko

Photo: Gabriel Goldberg

We have a new Disney starlet on our hands! Hayley Kiyoko (who you may recognize from 2009's Scooby Doo! or The Wizards of Waverly Place) is starring in the upcoming book-adapted film by Disney, Lemonade Mouth, which follows a group of high school kids who team up to fight social elitism. Kiyoko, 20, describes her character Stella as "a passionate, strong willed, little monkey who stands up for self expression." Hayley seemed to mirror that persona as she chatted about her perspective on fame, her affinity for pandas, and that jacket from 7th grade she just can't get rid of.

Zimbio: What are your thoughts on fame?

HK: Well, I honestly feel like the definition of "success and fame" gets blurry at times. It's really important to stay focused on your craft and always put your family and friends first. I think it's wonderful when people who've achieved "fame" use it in a positive way to help others.

Zimbio: How would you describe your personal style?

HK: Old Man Chic in a field of lavender.

Hayley+Kiyoko in Premiere Of DreamWorks Pictures' Zimbio: Do you have any fashion regrets?

HK: I never really "regret" my fashion. Fashion is always a market of time, so it's fun to look back and think to myself, "What was going on in my brain at that point in my life?" Plus, if you keep your clothes long enough, you'll end up re-wearing what used to be "uncool."

Zimbio: What are your most treasured pieces of clothing?

HK: My Madewell boyfriend/ripped jeans and my leather jacket from Top Shop.

Zimbio: Describe your perfect dream outfit.

HK: On sale.

Zimbio: What are three things every woman should have in her closet?

HK: A Levi's denim vest, a summer dress, and that crazy-looking jacket you wore in the 7th grade.

Zimbio: What do you collect?

HK: Oh boy, I was a big collector growing up. I collected stickers, stones, U.S. state quarters, Beanie Babies, and sand dollars. As of now I still love collecting panda stuff. I love pandas.

Zimbio: Generally speaking, what's the one thing you can't do without?

HK: Food! I'd love to be a food critic. I'd love to tour the world and just eat food all day long.

Hayley+Kiyoko in The 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood PartyZimbio: When did you know that you were special?

HK: I don't think I'm special at all. There are so many other teenagers out there who are way more talented than I am. But I am in love with a "challenge." I work hard, have very precise ideas and goals, and I'm not stopping till I.....well, I'll never stop.

Zimbio: Who is your hero?

HK: My Grandpa Hede. He inspired me to make something out of nothing and to never stop learning. You are never too good to grow.

Zimbio: Do you have any recurring dreams?

The one I'm living now.

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