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'Bunheads' Star Sutton Foster Talks Acting Opposite Her Real-Life Brother, Future Romance for Michelle

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Or Jason Priestley from 90210.

The Bachelor.


Oh my god…right now I would take Scandal. It's just crazy and I love it. I just love it! It's just insanity and I thoroughly enjoy it. I just can't believe the things they do.
It seems like just yesterday that Michelle arrived in Paradise after her impromptu wedding to Hubbell. One unexpected death, a few ballet routines, and lots of pattering fast talk later, our favorite former Vegas showgirl seems to have found a real home in the quirky beach town.

We recently chatted with Bunheads star Sutton Foster about the upcoming Season 1 finale, Michelle slowly coming into her own, and acting opposite her real-life brother. We also got the scoop on the Tony winner's favorite TV guilty pleasures (hint: they're probably a lot like yours).

This season we've really gotten a lot more of Michelle's backstory. We got to meet her brother, played by your real-life brother (Hunter Foster), and her mom. Has that been fun for you to dig deeper into her past?
Oh my God, totally. I mean it's been great to sort of delve into why Michelle is the way she is and to get more of an insight into her background. And also professionally and personally, to be able to work with my brother in this way has been really, really cool.

Is your real-life relationship with your brother similar to Scotty and Michelle's relationship? What were you two able to bring to the scenes?
Well I think inherently we bring history because we have — we grew up together. So that was kind of fun. We didn't have to work on bringing backstory to the scenes because it was inherent. It was just there — I mean, we share the same parents, we grew up together. Scotty and Michelle are probably… I think growing up as kids they kind of raised each other. Because the Dad, who knows with him and their mother was basically a child herself. So I think Michelle and Scotty really raised themselves, and they got into a lot of trouble and they had a lot of fun as kids. They're only a year apart so I think they became this little dynamic duo.

My own brother and I are about five and a half years apart, so when he was 16, I was 10 and I was the obnoxious little kid sister. You know, when I was in high school he was already out of the house, so we've actually gotten closer as adults. But we didn't have that super close childhood. But this experience of having him be on the show — he was in New York and so when he was out here filming he lived with me in L.A. and we realized it was the first time we had lived together in like 25 years. And that was really cool! We actually had a lot of really great heart to hearts and late night talks. I was telling Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Dan, 'Thank you for this gift.' It was such a gift for us to be able to spend time together because as adults you just don't do that. So it was really, really nice.

This season seems like it has been all about Michelle owning her new life and wanting to be in Paradise. She's still kind of a mess, but do you think Michelle's sort of finding her way?
I do. You know, I think she's starting to realize that. As the season concludes, more of the girls are turning to her for advice and guidance. And like Sasha sleeps on her couch and Ginny is asking her to help with auditions and all the girls are beginning to turn to her. And she's realizing… I think it's the first time in her life that she's ever had anyone come to her for advice. I think she still has a pull toward what her life would be like as a professional dancer. In a [recent] episode her best friend Talia gets an offer to tour with Rock of Ages and I think that spawns her jealousy of the performing again. And in the last episode [of the season] you will be Michelle go on a full-on open call for a Broadway show. I think it's her way of seeing if she's still got it. I think that fire for performing will always be in her, yet she's committing more to this town. It's complicated but it's more interesting.

Is there hope of romance for Michelle in the future?
I think there's definitely a little romance. Godot is awfully fun. [laughs] Michelle has a good time with Godot, but I think as far as real romance we won't see that in this first season. But I asked Amy the other day, 'Is there any love for Michelle?' And she's like, 'We're working on it. We have to find someone worthy of Michelle.' [laughs]

What kind of guy do you think could handle Michelle?
I know, right? I don't know! You know, it's funny because Hubbell was someone who believed in her and was so nurturing and caring and sweet and loving. I don't know… she definitely doesn't need a bad boy, she's already done that. We'll see… I'd like to see her with someone who's challenging and fun and get someone who supports her. I don't know — she's a complicated broad. We'll see what happens!

Bunheads airs Monday nights at 9/8c on ABC Family. The Season 1 finale will air on Monday, February 25.

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