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Zimbio Exclusive: Interview with Keahu Kahuanui of 'Teen Wolf'

Actor Keahu Kahuanui attends the Premiere of MTV's "Teen Wolf" at The Roosevelt Hotel on May 25, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)more pics » Keahu Kahuanui (Getty Images) Teen Wolf is chock-full of some of Hollywoods best-looking next-gen actors. How do good-looking people translate to beasts? Is there some duality of Man going on there or is it just eye-candy with the occasional mauling?
We all have a primal side within us. Teen Wolf is about dealing with transformation when you still don't know how to control your instincts. We also have some of the industry's best makeup artists to help make the transformation realistic.

Do you think werewolves can be as popular as vampires in popular culture?
Definitely! What makes werewolves intriguing is that they constantly want to rip things apart and can't even restrain themselves during a full moon. Those kind of animalistic tendencies leave you sitting, waiting for their next outburst.  Team Jacob and Team Edward, meet Team Teen Wolf.

Would you have signed up for the part if the plot was true to the campy 80s Teen Wolf version?
Probably. MTV's Teen Wolf has such a different feel to it so it's hard for me to compare it to the original movie.  However, knowing that I would be able to work with this cast, this crew and these producers, I don't know if I could have turned it down. They're an amazing group of people.

What do you aspire to? What sort of roles are you looking for beyond Teen Wolf?

Well, I'm a huge geek so sci-fi has always had my attention.  It requires a lot of imagination. Anything that challenges me to push my acting ability to its limits.  

If you could follow in the footsteps of anyone in the Business, who would it be?
That's tough.  I look up to a lot of actors for inspiration.  Jake Gyllenhaal has had a wide range of roles that I respect, enjoy watching and would have fun doing.  Donnie Darko – great movie.

Generally speaking, what's one thing you can't do without?
Exercise.  It keeps me sane, healthy and able to keep up with the wolves.

What are some of your pet peeves?
Traffic - it's really bad here in LA. Very different from Hawai'i.

What are your thoughts on fame?
I hope to see it someday.

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