Zimbio Exclusive Interviews

Appleman chatted with Zimbio on the show's boundary-pushing content, his fabulous castmates, and what Eliot means to fans.
Keene chatted with Zimbio about his time as a flight attendant, being an 'out' actor playing a straight role, and what's in the cards for Buzz Watson.
From his feud with Ewan McGregor to his thoughts on drugs, culture, and how the cast fell back into old ways.
After Harden's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, the Oscar-winner is encouraging others to confront the disease as early as possible.
Turns out the same accident had occurred during the Oscars dress rehearsal: 'I had to be checked out by EMTs.'
The 'Edge of Seventeen' star also filled us in about 'Pitch Perfect 3' and played a hilarious round of Would You Rather.
The talented director behind 'Mud' and 'Take Shelter' comes through with his first true story.
The Australian actor says his American accent is "second nature" thanks to growing up watching 'The Brady Bunch'.
She worried Stewart might be "too large" for her indie film.
The director's new horror film sends Elle Fanning into the jungle of the high fashion industry.
The 'Game of Thrones' actress told us what's ahead for Daenerys this season and played a hilarious round of Would You Rather.
We caught up with the 'Frozen' actress to chat about motherhood, privilege, and the importance of strong female characters.
The actress discussed what she loved most about Clarke and Lexa's relationship.
Also, check out an exclusive clip from the new Blu-ray!
The filmmaker told us he had some interesting advice for the seven-time Oscar nominee.
We spoke with the Oscar nominees about their new film, its beginnings, and the slow stop-motion process.
The 'Fuller House' star told us all about D.J.'s struggles as a single mom, her romantic pursuits, and her parenting style.
Abbott and director Josh Mond are two names you'll want to remember.
"It's not that easy to kiss a girl in front of everyone."
We chatted with the 'Morning Express' anchor about her thriving career, passion for country music, and long-standing commitment to the troops and rescue dogs.
The 'Extreme Weight Loss' power couple returns to television tonight with a new set of jaw-dropping lifestyle makeovers.
We sat down with the actress to chat about the devilish Mary Sibley, 'Inglourious Basterds,' and her love for Hillary Clinton.