Zimbio Film Reviews

It's a movie packed with big ideas and characters whose actions just don't make any sense.
The beautiful teen thriller is the best horror film in a decade.
It's not horror, just horrific comedy.
Neill Blomkamp's new sci-fi thriller is just as frustrating as it is fun.
Jack O'Connell's star continues to rise in the war thriller, the most dangerous of the year.
Olivia Wilde's new horror movie should've stayed buried.
The knowingly smart con artist flick is full of twists, turns, and over-the-top Will Smith swagger.
David Cronenberg's violent, vulgar satire is less a dream and more a nightmare.
The comedy from the guys behind 'Flight of the Conchords' injects new blood into the vampire genre.
Two imaginative filmmakers team up with three hot stars, and all that talent is totally squandered.
But it will annoy the Squarepants off anyone not game for the acid trip shenanigans.
Jennifer Aniston impresses as a scarred woman searching for meaning to her life in the new drama.
Moore puts a face to Alzheimer's disease in the year's most Kleenex-worthy film.
Bradley Cooper rules Clint Eastwood's new war film with Schwarzenegger appeal.
Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain pump the breaks in the slow-burning thriller.
David Oyelowo shines as Martin Luther King Jr. in the Civil Rights drama.
Sony Pictures Classics | Fox Searchlight | The Weinstein Company Another strong year for film has come to a close. We've seen two Bible movies, three musicals, lots of superheroes, lots of huge fr...
Paul Thomas Anderson's stoned noir is high comedy and beautifully weird.
Angelina Jolie's latest is somewhat inspirational, but mostly overly violent.
Tim Burton's latest may be his biggest misfire or his greatest trick.
Seth Rogen and James Franco take Kim Jong-un down a peg... at least half a peg.
Quvenzhané Wallis is the feisty heart of a musical that's better than you're hearing.
The final Middle Earth film (for now) is the best of the 'Hobbit' movies, but is that good enough?
And Keira Knightley proves herself one of the most underrated actresses in the business.