Zimbio Film Reviews

Chris Rock's new comedy is one of the best of the year.
And Reese Witherspoon will probably get the Oscar nomination she's looking for.
Everyone involved was clearly having fun, and that enthusiasm is catchy.
If 'Catching Fire' set the 'Hunger Games' world ablaze, 'Mockingjay' shows us the ashes.
The frontier is no place for the weak, which is why Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones soldier on.
The former 'Office' star transforms into killer John Du Pont.
You'll love the brilliant colors, rollercoaster action sequences, and Baymax the rotund robot.
Hampered by a script that's all over the place, the devilish thriller forgets to thrill.
Jake Gyllenhaal does unspeakable things in the most scandalous movie of the year.
This little princess will leave you eye-swollen and hugging your family.
Eva Green leads the way as a "Mommie Dearest" in the missing mom mystery.
The cast, the music, and the puppy all elevate 'John Wick' well past the usual action film.
Gwyneth's little bro, Jake Paltrow, does a lot right and one thing wrong in his new thriller.
It's the best-looking movie of the Halloween season.
Huge performances and unreal camera work make 'Birdman' the year's first real must-see movie event.
Jason Schwartzman is undone by his girlfriend and New York City in the new film by Alex Ross Perry.
Bill Murray does his best with a Brooklyn accent and a lackluster script.
Luke Evans makes a charismatic warrior prince in the first entry in Universal's interconnected monster universe.
Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons impress as student and teacher at an intimidating Juilliard-like school.
Robert Downey Jr. cracks wise as a big city lawyer defending mean old dad.
David Fincher's twisted maybe-murder mystery will suck you in.
Kirsten Dunst is the woman in the middle in the European noir.
The true story of Robyn Davidson's 1700 mile walk through Australia is a dreamy tale.
Washington and his 'Training Day' director amp up the violence in the new action thriller.