Zimbio Film Reviews

Kevin Smith lets his id run wild as he turns Justin Long into a walrus.
Terry Gilliam's new film is an ambitious philosophical chore for the most part.
Liam Neeson hunts down two serial killers with his guns and one-liners in the new thriller.
Emily Browning leads the vintage-styled, indie pop opera.
While the sequel doesn't live up to the original, it does deliver one great femme fatale.
Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss show their collective range in the imaginative indie.
Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan's zombie romance is beautifully sarcastic.
Radcliffe wants Zoe Kazan but she doesn't want him in the new rom-com about love and friendship.
If 'Star Wars' were made today, it might look a little like this.
The late, great Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the lone bright spot in Anton Corbijn's modern intelligence flick.
Like most sex tapes, you don't want to see this.
Twelve years in the making, 'Boyhood' is a modern masterpiece.
Melissa McCarthy is funny, but she might be getting into Adam Sandler territory.
The steampunk thriller from Korea is the best action movie of 2014 so far.
Does the title refer to something in the movie, or the death of cinema itself?
It's a hardcore tear-jerker, but there's more going on here than emotional manipulation.
Tom Cruise shows a new side in the reality-bending alien invasion flick: scared.
James McAvoy gets ballistic as a modern bad lieutenant in Scotland, but his antics get old fast.
Angelina Jolie shines, but 'Sleeping Beauty' purists may not like the changes in this dark new fairytale.
Kelly Reichardt's latest is mesmerizing, riveting filmmaking.
Seth MacFarlane's ode to Mel Brooks is one long 'Family Guy' episode.